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Luminescence is a linear & liquid-structured roleplay set in a utopia-based world called “Kaspen”, a vast expanse of land located on a large island that is home to 5 different different areas based off of 5 different biomes - making living here a harder task, but also very rewarding at the same time.

Luminescence’s focus is more on character interactions and exploration around Kaspen’s locations and landmarks. Rather than staying in one place, characters prefer to roam, and converse with the canines outside of one simple location. The most interesting aspect finds itself in the writing, being largely based on the pack’s interactions, creating a more diverse plot as more characters are adding and as the plot thickens. The characters can create new bonds with others, have offspring of their own, choose to be by themselves, and even rise in hierarchy. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong and other characters have to drastically harm or even betray one another. At Luminescence, we've added some of nature to the mix to encourage bad things to happen, because, let's face it, the terrible things are one of the main things that make life most interesting!

Luminescence is based in is a fictional place located in essentially what is considered the middle of nowhere, located in an unknown place that is surrounded by various unknown oceans and islands added into the mix. Apart from being a relatively smaller sized island, it has five more counterparts which you will find out about in the roleplay! The roleplay's boundaries stretch many miles, due to the fact there really isn’t a set center area, for the whole territory is the centerpiece on it’s own. The land here is restless and untamed, dominated by various forms of nature and foliage coming together to form very dense forests, and jungles - while dry, brittle grass come to form the grasslands and the harsh sands found in deserts come to form what is known as the jewel of the territory, the M'ryen Wasteland. The harsh seasons and rolling hills reign in the forests and jungles, while mirages and dunes reign in the desert. The climate includes various warmths and colds depending on the season and time of year, and area you may find yourself resting. Canines are wonderful creatures who have almost completely mastered the skills of survival, but even here living isn't even easy to the most skilled and strongest of creatures.

As for the population, the canines are finally coming together to form an alliance against all these harsh lands - becoming one to withstand the cold winters and scalding summers. While the canines may get together and form bonds, they can also break - forming rivals and letting drama immerse the pack’s everyday life. While exploring through this land, which side do you choose?

Since you're amazing and read all of that, instead of thinking TL;DR in whatever synonymous form it happened to manifest in your thoughts, we would absolutely love for you to come write with us! We greatly enjoy having a small, friendly community to enjoy the magic of writing about characters, how they interact, and developing over time. Come join!
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